Advice on Use

All users of BHCC's E-Portfolios are advised that this is a professional and public personal space.

In integrating personal reflection with academic work, please use good judgment. Obscenity will not be tolerated in the form of written words, images, audio clips, or videos.

BHCC's E-Portfolios may be public to the world, public to the college community, or public to a smaller group such as a single course. Conventionally these privacy settings are controlled by the eportfolio creator. Users are advised to respect other users' privacy. When viewing eportfolios that are open only to the college community or to a single course, please do not share information or quotations from them with the general public without the original creator's permission. The work displayed in an eportfolio, unless otherwise noted, belongs to the person who created it. This includes all writing, images, audio, and other material.

Creators of E-Portfolios are welcome to use material available on the web, particularly that licensed under Creative Commons, and are advised to acknowledge (cite) material--written, visual, or otherwise--borrowed from another source. It is courteous to provide a link to the author's website or the source of the material when possible.

Visitors to BHCC's E-Portfolios are advised that the work on an eportfolio belongs to the person who created it. Should they wish to use material created by a BHCC E-Portfolio user in their own work, they are advised to acknowledge the original creator and provide a link to their E-Portfolio.